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Reporting a match

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Reporting a match

Post by Admin on Fri Sep 04, 2015 10:11 pm

For season one please do the following when reporting a match:

You put the score in the title along with the matchday

Goalscorers for both teams
cards for both teams
Man of the match

Also this season a fair play rating - this means the person you play out of 10

This fair play rating is given for how did they play ie:

Did they play in the right way so they did not knock it around there defence for 80 mins
They did not look to hack you when clean through.

The home teams does the first bit like cards and goalscorers and the fair play rating and the away team will agree to this and also give there fair play rating and ref rating.

And example of the match reporting can be found in each league section on the forum


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