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Draft and Transfer Rules

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Draft and Transfer Rules

Post by Admin on Fri Sep 04, 2015 10:27 pm

Here at Xbox Draft Leagues we are doing something a little different.

We are going to be introducing a whole site Draft and you will find out here what that entails.

Before the draft begins each team will have 23 players to choose for their squad. This will be done over 4 days as doing it all in one would be hectic not only for staff doing team sheets but for the people choosing their squads too.

We will have a system in place. Just like the NFL draft the coach calls in and tells them which player they would like, the manager of said team will contact 'The Commissioner' and tell them which player they would like. Team order will be selected at random via a generator.

4 Days - 4 Position areas (GK, DEF, MID, ATT).

You may only sign players rated 86 and lower in your squad

Once your 23 players have been picked a live draw done on Twitch will be held to determine who will get a play that is rated 87 or higher. This is only fair for everyone.

After the draft has taken place you will have 12 hours to then be able to trade for other players in your squad, once the 12 hours are up you are stuck with that team until the half way stage in the season where you can do the following:

Sign free agents (A list will be given out on site and these will also come at a price per rating bracket)
Buy for cash
Do Trades

This window will be open for 1 week and no games will be played in this time.

At the end of the season the final standings will determine the order for the next seasons draft beginning. example if you finish last in the bottom league you will get first pick. At the start of the draft you may try and get higher up in the trade order and offer cash or players for their spot on the trade order. You may also assign immunity to 4 players on your squad who cannot be drafted. These will be posted before the draft is made

All Players must be on contracts ranging from 1 season to 4 seasons. These can be terminated at anytime for a fee multiplier of x0.75 his contract regardless of how many weeks he has left (EXAMPLE: Ronaldo has a £2,000,000 a season contract and is at a team for 3 seasons. £6,000,000 x 0.75 is £4,500,000. It would cost £10,500,000 to release him and that would come off your budget)


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